About Us


Chartered in 1974 in partnership with the American Indian Historical Society and its award-winning publication, Wassaja, NAM interfaces with corporate and government sectors to support their diversity/minority inclusion initiatives. Programs include: media and advertising outreach, fostering cultural awareness, promoting career and employment opportunities, business enterprise development, and providing social service and other referrals through Native America Today’s community resource section.


In 2016, Native American Media announced its plans to launch Native America Today, and created the Heritage Month Awareness Initiative (HMAI), a program where employers circulate information about Native American Heritage Month to workforces. In turn, HMAI participants receive pro bono advertising in the digital imprint.


If funding permits, NAM will be co-producing a 20-25-minute documentary film tentatively titled, “Native America – Yesterday and Today.” The piece will represent a creative collaboration between historians, educators and award-winning filmmakers, and provide an accurate account of the history of the Native American peoples, including Indian Country’s contributions to America. The unique and timely educational program will be freely distributed to middle schools, and holds the potential of impacting tens of millions of children and others.


NAM has garnered the appreciation of leadership and student groups throughout Indian Country, as well proactive corporate citizens, government agencies and educational institutions who desire to reach out to the community. We pride ourselves on our ability to serve, regardless of tribal affiliation or economic status.